Zhejiang  USA-China Capital Raising and Investment Forum

Enrollment is limited and registration will close once we reach capacity.

The USA-China Capital Raising and Investment Forum in Ningbo China is taking place on 8-11 June 2013. The Zhejiang Province, Ningbo China and Yilaime Corporation are sponsors of the Capital Raising and Investment Forum. The Capital Raising and Investment Forum matches individual accredit investors and institutional investors from China with USA based businesses and investment Projects. During the Symposium, four days has been set aside to link US companies, businesses and projects with accredited investors from China. In addition to introduction to individual accredited investors, participants will also be introduced to institutional investors such as China Development Bank and local government leaders that can help support projects. 

The purpose of the forum is to support USA based businesses' efforts to raise capital and secure investment capital.

Overview of the Forum:  
The USA-China Capital Raising and Investment Forum is part of two major conferences and a forum taking place over a four day period in Ningbo China. The conferences and forum are the 15th China Zhejiang Investment and Trade Symposium (ZJITS), the 12th China International Consumer Imports Goods Fair (CICGF), and the 6th China Opening-Up Forum. The People's Government of Zhejiang Province, related national ministries and departments, and the national Ministry of Commerce are sponsors for the conferences and forums.

Over 10,000 ready and potential investors have been invited to attend. Each year thousands of business transactions, agreements and investments take place during the Symposium. This is the very first year that with the support of the  Zhejiang Province Government, and China opening up initiatives, focus has been placed on supporting USA based businesses trade and capital raising efforts. 

In the previous symposiums, a total of 3,568 foreign-invested projects were signed with an agreements utilization of foreign investment of $43.212 billion USD. It achieved a total trade turnover of $ 8.325 billion. The general assembly attracts over 130,000 overseas people from more than 100 countries and regions.

About the Capital Raising Sessions:   
The USA-China Capital Raising and Investment Forum a four day session taking place during the Symposium is specifically designed for US businesses seeking investment capital. 

Who Will Come?  Accredited Investors (individual and institutions), Business Owners, Venture Capitalists, Entrepreneurs, Government Officials, Consultants, Development Agencies and Project Offices.
When:  Saturday-Tuesday June 8-11, 2013 from 8:00 am to 7:30 pm 
Where: Ningbo, Zhejiang Province China - Forum Location - Ningbo International Convention & Exhibition Center and various locations. 

Highlights:   The USA-China Capital Raising and Investment Forum

    Highlights:   China Zhejiang Trade and Investment Symposium and Opening-up Forum

    • Grand Opening Ceremonies of Two Conventions and One Forum
    • Investment-in-Zhejiang Summit
    • Industrial partnering Meetings
    • Several Signing Ceremonies of Foreign investment projects
    • Presentation for overseas investment of Zhejiang's enterprises
    • Promotion event for the design and creativity of consumer goods
    • Symposium for cooperation between east and west
    • Symposium for acquiring overseas talent and consulting services
    • Negotiation and display of overseas investment agencies
    • Export/Import product display, purchasing and ordering negations
    • 2013 Import Goods Fair of Zhejiang, China
    • Main forum and several professional forums
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