China International Consumer Goods Fair - the Largest Consumer Goods Event in China

Travel with us to Ningbo China and reach your marketing and sales goals

The International Consumer Goods Fair is a four day premier trade show that showcases some of the best products and services from the Chinese consumer goods industry. 2013 China Zhejiang Import Goods Expo will be held concurrently. The event is expected to take place in the city of Ningbo and will be swaying huge crowds throughout the event proceedings. The exhibition has gained importance over the years of being an interactive platform for both exhibitors as well as trade visitors taking part in the proceedings. The exhibition is one of the four largest export import trade fairs that take place in China every year. Around 2800 exhibitors and 50000 overseas buyers had taken part in the previous edition of the event and these numbers are expected to increase this year. Over the years, the event has had phenomenal importance in the Asian markets and this is good news for the overseas buyers to explore market opportunities in China.

    Highlights:   China Zhejiang Trade and Investment Symposium

    • HighlightsThe main highlights of the China International Consumer Goods Fair are:
    • 1. The fair is billed as the largest consumer goods event in China.
    • 2. High class networking opportunities.
    • 3. Eight separate exhibiting sections and
    • 4. Presence of a large contingent of foreign trade buyers.

    China International Consumer Goods Fair will be attended by more than 20000 professional buyers representing various commercial establishments located around the world. While most of the visitors to this mega trade event are from the Asian countries, representatives from American and European companies will also comprise a good number of the total number of international buyers. Retailers and dealers as well as suppliers of all segments of consumer goods will attend this exhibition as well. The visitors to the show will reap great benefits as they will be able to indulge in networking and marketing opportunities that this international platform will offer.

    China International Consumer Goods Fair presents a vast display of products and services related to consumer goods by more than 2800 national and international exhibitors. The products will be exhibited under 5 main segments including Outdoors and Recreational Products, Household Articles and Gifts, Home Appliances and Electronics, Textiles and Garments, Sports Products, International Pavilion and Trade Service. Considering the past trends, maximum exhibits are expected to come in from the Household products and Gifts Segments followed by Home appliances and Textile and Garments. Some products that will be exhibited include Consumer Electronics, Household Appliances, Electronic Information Products, Household Textiles, Clothing Fabrics, Fashion Ornaments, Sports Supplies, Outdoors and Recreational Products. The International Pavilion will include exhibits such as International Sourcing, Trading Consultancy and Service, E-commerce and much more.