How is your program compliant with SEC regulations?

Mr. Perkins,
Please advise how your program is compliant with SEC regulations?

We received the above post from a potential participant

Here is our reply:
Dear Mr Sears,
Thank you for your query. This is a very good question. 

We are familiar with SEC regulations. I am also very familiar with China, Chinese business men and women and entrepreneurs -for the past three and a half years I have lived in China. 

Our program does not seek investors, or investments or engage in promotions on behalf of investors or those seeking funds. Nor do we represent those who have projects and are seeking funds. The 2013 US-China Investment and Trade Summit focus is on increasing ties and business opportunities between US and China businesses, opening up markets and increasing sales opportunities of USA made goods and services, as well as providing funding for equipment, technology, goods, and services carrying the "made in the USA" tag. As such we have invited business owners, entrepreneurs and associations from China to the USA. These individuals, many of who are my friends, acquaintances and business associates, are by nature high net-worth individuals who look to enhance their business ties in the USA, invest in the USA and increase their personal net-worth. In addition, key USA based government representatives from several agencies will participate.

Where there are instances of USA based business owners (not promoters or agents) who wish to present their projects to our participants - provided that the owners have complied with the applicable SEC regulations - and present the project themselves, or through a qualified employee or a qualified representative - I would think that our efforts are certainly in compliance with SEC regulations. On the other hand, where participants decide to acquire such non-business assets like real estate for personal use this does not fall within the scope of SEC regulations.

From our vantage point, we are well aware of SEC regulations and know the importance of those regulations, where and if applicable,  we are certainly in full compliance with not only SEC regulations but all Federal and state laws.

If, it is okay with you, I will post these comments on a blog - so that this information can be shared with others.

If I can be of further assistance, please let me know