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Supporting US Businesses capital raising efforts 8-11 June 2013 a USA-China Capital Raising and Investment Forum is being held in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province China. 

Thousands of ready and potential investors have been invited to attend. Each year thousands of business transactions, agreements and investments take place during the Symposium. This is the very first year that with the support of the  Zhejiang Province Government, and China Opening Up initiatives, focus has been placed on supporting USA based businesses secure business and capital. 

Key Details

  • When - 8-11 June 2013
  • Where - Zhejiang Province, Ningbo China
  • What - A follow-on to the 2013 US China Investment and Trade Summit - Investment and Capital Raising Forum
  • Why -  Support USA businesses'  raise capital and secure investment funds.
  • Who -  Sponsored by Yilaime Corporation and Government Agencies Zhejiang Province, Ningbo China 
  • Attendees: Thousands of ready and potential investors. 

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Presenting your project or opportunity

The USA-China Capital Raising and Investment Forum is part of the 15th Zhejiang China's Investment and Trade Symposium, the 12th China's International Consumer Imports Goods Fair, and the 6th China Opening Up Forum supported by the Peoples Government of Zhejiang Province, Ningbo China. 

The forum matches individual accredit investors and institutional investors from China with USA businesses. Four days has been set aside to link US businesses projects with China individual accredited investors and institutional investors such as China Development Bank and local government leaders that can help support projects. More->

Past Event: The 2013 US China Investment and Trade Summit brings together private investors, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists from China to meet their public and private sector counterparts in the United States. The summit will also host a series of project exhibit and match-making sessions.  

Distinguished speakers have operated businesses in China, have invested in China, have lived in China and conducted business, have policy positions/jobs that impacts US-China relations and or investors from China,  owners of Chinese companies, investors, investment clubs,and financial institutions from China looking to invest in the USA.   More->

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Who Will Come?  Accredited Investors (individual and institutions), Business Owners, Venture Capitalists, Entrepreneurs, Government Officials, Consultants, Development Agencies and Project Offices.

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The China Zhejiang Investment and Trade Fair (ZJITF) by Zhejiang Provincial People's Government. 

The China International Consumer Goods Fair (CICGF) by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and the People's Government of Zhejiang Province.

USA China Friendship Inc. (USACFI) is a non-participant Super PAC that supports candidates, policies and initiatives that seeks to foster, strengthened and improve the relationship between China and the United States. More->

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Symposium and Forum 

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