001 To promote US-China Investment by developing partnerships with the Private Sector
The dynamic and interactive complexity of US-China Investment and Trade requires interagency cooperation among U.S. federal government. As a result, a network which includes the integrating efforts is essential. This panel will invite government officials, policy makers, and stakeholders to highlight how their agencies are working with the private sector and other stakeholders to promote trade and investment with China.

002 The Role of Media in covering China Investment and Trade Issues.  
To win the heart and mind of American people is critical for US-China Investment and Trade. Media, including traditional sources and social media, as the fourth branch of American politics, has exerted important impact on people’s mind. How do media shape or form perceptions and understanding of this issue at individual and community levels? How this perception can be changed with updated information and experience people received on investment and trade with China? How media interact with other complicated influences on people’s mind? The panel will address these questions from the perspective of distinguished reporter and media professionals, such as New York Times, Financial times, Wall Street Journals and Economists.

003 The role of States or Local Government in Promoting Trade and Investment from China
The FDI from China can enhance local government’s employment, tax bases, innovation and competitiveness. On the other side of the spectrum, the state can offer investors from China a package of combination of low-cost or inexpensive land, local tax credits, and highly qualified workforces. This panel will invite distinguished guests from state and local government to talk about the investment and trade opportunities from China at the state and local level.

004 The Process of Project Presentations
Investor matchmaking meetings from each project. It will bring together venture capitals and project owners face-to-face, one-on-one introductory meetings. This is an opportunity to meet with potential business partners and talk your business to the next level. Participants will have the option to have 10 minutes meetings  to provide the opportunity to do an introduction and make valuable business connection. 

It  is a unique, all-in one education, training, and funding program that screens, prepares, and introduces qualified entreprenurs to accredited investors over a six-month period.

005 Energy and Trade and Investment
Energy is critical for the prosperity and competitive of American economy. Increases in domestic shale gas and oil production, growth in renewable energy, and steady efficiency improvements in all sectors of the economy provide opportunities for investment and trade from  China. However, challenges, such as unpredictable market situation and regulation constraints still exist. This panel will address these topics between policy makers, scholars and other people between the United States and China.

006 Infrastructure and Investment and Trade
This panel will bring project developers, public and private representatives to discuss investment and trade opportunities for investors from and what it will take to reduce risk and double the level of infrastructure investment in the US, with a discussion of priority infrastructure initiatives in the US, most specifically the need for private sector finance to maintain existing infrastructure such as waterways, and to develop new projects critical to US competitiveness.

007 The role of innovation and Intellectual Protection in US-China Investment and Trade
Innovation process includes technology road mapping, applied research, operation of demonstration facilities and testbeds that benefit small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises (SMEs), education and training at all levels, and development of standards and credentials. Intellectual property is essential driver of economic growth, exports, and job creation. IP rights are the global currency for creating value for products and services, for all innovators, in all markets. In the process of investment and trade with China, how to protect American side by ensuring their intellectual property rights for the technology they develop? How can we define intellectual property maybe shared or licensed ? How to develop such an innovative and enhanced framework is an important part of investment and trade from China? This panel will invite government officials, lawyers from patent law firms, and other professional people to address above these cutting-edge issues.

008 National Security and Investment and Trade from China, Sustainable and responsible investment
What is the implication of Investment and Trade from China to the national security of United States?  This panel will invite relevant US federal government agencies to address how US government deals with trade and investment from China.

Sustainable and responsible investment

How to maintain a sustainable and responsible investment? The answer to this question is to emphasize a company’s social responsibility, environmental, and other factors to increase long-term competitive financial returns and positive societal impact. The panelists in this session will address above issues.