Steps to present your project during the special sessions

  1. Register-> to attend the Summit,
  2. After registration send an email to or call 888-406-2713, and let us know you would like to present your project at the Summit;
  3. Let us know which Summit locations you would like to give your presentation and participate in one hour one on one personal investor sessions.
  4. Prepare a 10 minute introduction of your business opportunity/investment project, preferably in an electronic slide format;
  5. To maximize your project exposure we recommend that you take advantage of one or more of the marketing/advertising opportunities available to you | Sponsors | Exhibit  | Advertise |;
  6. Have copies of your presentation and other documents available for review by high net worth individuals and potential investors; 
  7. Prepare an in-depth presentation on your project/business opportunity to be given one on one in a personal setting;
  8. Ensure that your presentation, presenter, documentation and investment opportunity complies with the appropriate SEC regulations.