USA China Trade Center - Ningbo China

Yilaime Corporation in conjunction with Zhejiang Province and the City of Ningbo is developing a USA China National Investment and Trade Center Program permanently located in China that is designed to support and help: 

a) USA businesses sale their goods and services to Chinese customers; 

b) Chinese companies locate USA based goods and services; 

c) Chinese companies secure funding to acquire US goods and services; and

d) USA companies secure investment funding from Chinese private and institutional investors.


A National Investment and Trade Center located in China backed by the Government of China designed to support USA made goods, services and technology exported to China. The Investment and Trade Center purpose is to increase investment and trade between USA and China. The Investment and Trade Center encourages, and supports the sale of USA made goods and services, and technology in China. The Center provides incentives and tax breaks to USA based businesses to establish business operations in China; helps USA based businesses identify customers in China that will buy from them;  and helps China based businesses with financing and funding needs to acquire USA based goods, services and technology. Additionally, the Center helps select USA companies identify and secure investments and funding for their USA based businesses. 

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