China Zhejiang Investment and Trade Symposium

China International Consumer Goods Fair

The China Zhejiang Investment and Trade Symposium (referred to as ZJITF) is organized by Zhejiang Provincial People's Government, and the China International Consumer Goods Fair (referred to as CICGF) is organized by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and the People's Government of Zhejiang Province. ZJITF and CICGF, held on June 8th each year in Ningbo, are comprehensive foreign economic and trade exchanges in Zhejiang Province. ZJITF has been held continuously since 1999 for 14 terms, and CICGF has been held continuously since 2002 for the eleven terms. Zhejiang imports exhibition will be held in the same period with the CICGF for the first time since 2013. In the previous fairs, a total of 3,568 foreign-invested projects were signed with an agreements utilization of foreign investment of 43.212 billion U.S. dollars. It achieved a total trade turnover of $ 8.325 billion. The general assembly attracts over 130,000 overseas people from more than 100 countries and regions. in the previous "two fairs and one forum" , a number of domestic and international talent, scientific and technological achievements were introduced into China.

The theme of the ZJITF and CICGF this year is "deepening international cooperation, opening wider to the outside edge, serving for the two target-rich". It shall study and implement the spirit of the party's 18th conference in depth, comprehensively implement the spirit of the decision and deployment of the provincial committee by constructing Zhejiang into a modern province rich in material and prosperous in spirit, tightly comply with the implementation of the "four national strategic initiatives "and transformation and upgrading tasks of an open economy in our province. The fairs focus on attracting foreign investments and business as well as introducing leading technology and talents from overseas. It combines export with import trade and " investment to the outside "with"attracting foreign business and investments" so as to improve the province's opening up to the outside world and the open economy development level comprehensively.